Google and Facebook Ads Training from a Former Googler


Course Material - Nearly 3 Hours of Content

Cut through the clutter and learn how to advertise your business effectively via Google Ads, from a Former Googler. Included is a bonus Facebook Ads tutorial. We believe most businesses should be advertising on both platforms, which is why we added this to our curriculum.

  • How to Create your Google Ads Account

  • Create your Search Campaign

  • Display Campaigns including Retargeting

  • Advertise on YouTube with Video Ads

  • Measure what you Advertise to Know your Return on Investment

  • Avoid Settings Google Recommends that will Hurt Performance

  • How to Find Coupons for Free Ad Spend

  • How to Prioritize your Marketing Budget

  • Facebook Ads - Setup Infrastructure for Success

  • Facebook - Campaign and Ads Creation

Proven Strategies to Drive Customers across Google, Facebook and Instagram

Learn how to drive business growth via Google and Facebook Ads 

I'll share what to do and just as importantly, what not to do - based on working at Google (2014-2018) and managing over millions of dollars a year in ad spend on Google and Facebook from our agency, Rise Marketing Group.  

 This course will break down how to leverage Google ads to drive your business growth. Google Ads are extremely powerful and in this course I'll break down what it takes to win with Google, coming from experience working at Google and partnering with major brands.

Included is bonus material, advertising on Facebook and Instagram. I share our proven strategies we use for our clients at our advertising agency, Rise Marketing Group.

Over 4,500 Students Took My Google Courses (Sample Reviews)

"Fantastic course. First time I've felt that I am really starting to get my head around Google Ads. Instructor was really easy to listen to! Definitely planning to watch more of his tutorials!" - Natalie

"Google Ads has always been a big blur to me because it seems like there is so much involved, but this class made it much more easier to grasp and understand. Great tips also - i am looking forward to implementing them soon." -Tiffany

Proven Instructor - Active on SkillShare and Udemy

Your Instructor

Former Googler, Founder of Rise Marketing Group and DIY Digital Strategy

  • Ben  Lund

    Former Googler and Digital Veteran

    Ben Lund

    Former Googler with 15 digital veteran and former Googler (2014 - 2018). Founder of Rise Marketing Group, which is a performance advertising agency with the intent to drive business growth for our clients, through targeted advertising across platforms.

Is This Course for You?

This course is for you if the following describes you

  • You want to advertise on Google but overwhelmed by the platform

  • You are looking for an overview on how Google can grow your business

  • You're looking for the basics of what to do and not to do, when advertising on Google

  • You're a beginner as it pertains to Google Ads

  • You want to explore social ads on Facebook and Instagram

Bonus: Facebook Ads Course!

Published September 2020, we created a 45 minute course on how to effectively advertise on Facebook. These are the strategies we use at our agency, Rise Marketing Group.

  • Setting up Appropriate Infrastructure

    Don't just boost Facebook and IG posts. Setup appropriate structure in Facebook Business Manager to measure the return on your investment.

  • Recommended Ad Campaign Structure

    Setup recommended ad campaign structures, based on our experience managing FB/IG campaigns for our clients at Rise Marketing Group. Including: look-a-like audiences, remarketing and persona audiences.

  • Setting up Ads

    Creating ads, including best practices based on our experience.

Nearly 3 Hours of Jam Packed - Actionable Content

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Learn based on proven strategies we use for our clients at Rise Marketing Group.